A handy task tracker that helps your kids distract from daily worries. Made to bring less stress and more organization in your lives.

Track everyday tasks and create your own. Make it to help your children organize their day, and some thoughts in their heads as well. And it could be useful not only for children, btw)

KiteTools is designed for psychological support as well.

Now we are all going through traumatic events. Especially children.

There are so many things around knocking them out of their usual rhythm:

KiteTools is built on the method of restoring routine. That means the day is structured and consists of small but constant tasks. An app makes it easier for the psyche to adapt. And we also added gamification.

This method has already helped thousands of families. And it’s suitable not only for children. You can compete in completing your daily tasks with your kids. Like a family contest. Lol.

In addition, children can contribute to our victory. Kids can turn their internal achievements in KiteTools into real help to Ukraine.
How everything works

Choose 10 basic tasks from the list. Feel free to add your own too.


your child completes tasks and marks them

look how the child is drawn into the mode

find yourself surprised that usual tasks became a game for your kid)


For completing tasks your child receives “toolzes”.
That’s kinda an internal currency.
Every 100 toolzes your child can donate to charity.
And we convert them into money that we will pass on to charity.

Our support for Ukraine

We help the Ukrainian army, volunteers, people and even animals that’ve been affected by the war. But the main thing is that we help our children. Because they are the future of our country. And our task is to keep and raise in them:

Self-organization skills
Strong psyche

KiteTools is now available for download in any app store

The first month is for free. Yep. We did it.

The first charity contributions we made by ourselves. Next move is on you.

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Small deeds – big goals

We believe in the power of small deeds.
Maybe, they are easier to make. But not everyone can do so. And it’s not always fun. And in general. You have to push yourself to do such small things every day.

Little things are like drops. They drip one after another. Sometimes even on your head. And at first glance, they will never make a difference. But think about the ocean. Isn’t it just thousands of drops?
It all starts small.

When you do something step by step, drop by drop, it brings great benefits. Our goal is to show children the price of their perseverance. And help these drops fill their ocean and bring peace to Ukraine.

Весела Катруся

Это оказалось веселее, чем мы думали. Нам с мужем казалось, что наших придется заставлять или напоминать все время, но оказалось совсем наоборот. У них началось что-то вроде соревнования между собой (у них небольшая разница в возрасте, ну и плюс мальчишки, вы же понимаете). Но главное, что они отвлеклись от нашего переезда и в целом как-то успокоились.

Щаслива Тетянка

Для мене завжди було проблематично “домовлятися” з донькою щодо виконання нею таких домашніх обов’язків. Вона мені цілі істерики видавала взагалі. Я завжди була через це засмучена, чесно кажучи. А зараз це більше як гра для неї проходить. І мої нервові клітини зберігаються, і справи у своїй все виконані.

Радісна Марійка

У нас дуже фановий досвід, бо я сам у якийсь момент увімкнувся у таке змагання, свого роду. Тепер ми хто перший виконуємо завдання за день. Але ж він не знає, що я можу сам собі відзначати будь-які завдання)) Загалом, усім рекомендую – від новин відволікає відмінно.

Усміхнений Сергійко

Очень здорово, что ребенок тоже может поучаствовать и помочь стране своими тулзами. Мне кажется, что это правильно, с раннего возраста такое понимание прививать. В целом, так воспитывается осознанный человек в будущем. Ну и я вижу, что ему как-бы самому важно все это делать, зарабатывать очки, чтобы потом на благотворительность отправить. Я к такому положительно сам отношусь.

The first month is for free. Completely. Yep)
In a month you will realize how useful and cool the application is. Or not.
All functionality is available immediately. And a child could already exchange earned internal earnings for charity. But to be able to donate something to charity we need to find money somewhere. And to make everything work properly we need money too. So, from the second month we ask you for support.

Yep. Army, volunteers, help for internally displaced people, or animal shelters. We send 30% of each monthly payment to charity. And we will share our achievements in social media and here in the news.

In general, charity is great, but it’s not the main purpose of this app. The main thing is that the child feels his or her contribution to the common cause.

First, they know some karate moves, so they can defend themselves. Secondly, it is a joke. Of course.

This is an important topic for us. Our own data and the data of our children is also here. Cos we are also in KiteTools. Our communications are protected by encryption. Databases are anonymous and linked through a token. Even our developers do not have access to it.

But. JUST IN CASE. We would not recommend mentioning your bank card details, passwords to your bitcoin wallets or nuclear arsenals codes in correspondence. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Look. We are not YouTube, ok)). All the content that the child will see here is approved by you. Even if you do not create your own tasks, but use our premodarated ones, everything is ok. They were prepared in cooperation with psychologists. Kids could see something wrong in advertising. But it won’t be here. Because of your subscription we simply don’t need it 😇

Well, it happens. Of course, good deeds do not have an expiration date. You can go in and mark it retrospectively. But do not abuse this option. It is also an element of self-organization here.

Yeah, of course. Coz why not? So you can arrange family competitions. And compete in completing tasks with your children. Or you can just use the same way as your kid does. And put your own thoughts and deeds in order a bit.

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