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We provide you with everything you need to better communicate with your child

A connected ecosystem for creative, fun, and safe parenting in today’s digital world help you stay in your child’s life

We will consider our mission accomplished, if you as a parent will be able to:


Take the guesswork out of responsible parenting in today’s technological world


Deepen your relationship with your child that’s built on trust


Guide your little one and teach him or her values using yourself as an example


Preserve really significant bonding moments for both of you to remember


Learn more about your child’s interests

Let your child earn pocket money!

Load any amount to your KiteCoin
Set the rules for getting your child pocket money for the month
Let your child earn KiteCoins in a fun way

In KiteMessenger
he regularly shares his news and achievements

In StoryKite –
he reads your cool stories
In KiteHub –
he absorbs educational content according to your chosen method

… and so on

Let your child spend their earnings wisely
Your child spends his Coins, on what he chooses, in a safe age appropriate parentally approved KiteStore

Your Questions Answered

How can I be sure that my child won’t get any harmful or abusive content?
First of all, we are very conscious about the work we do, and pick the content responsibly. All articles and texts are meticulously reviewed by our contributors. Also, at the bottom of every story, there’s the «Complaint» button in both parents’ and children’s accounts. You can report any content you find unsuitable, and we will take measures to solve the issue.
Is my communication secure and protected?
We protect your data with the help of encryption protocols. Moreover, all of your content is connected to your personal data by a secret token. This token means that even our own developers don’t know which person is connected to which email address. However, for your peace of mind and security, we recommend not mentioning sensitive information (like financial data or addresses) in your communications. We’re sure you have more important things to share with your children anyway!
At what age can my children start using this app?
Our applications are designed to be used by children starting at the age of 6, or whenever they get their first smartphone or tablet. However, many parents start writing and recording their stories in StoryKite for the future, while their children are still babies, very little, or even before they’re born.
Do I need to use all tools at once?
We recommend starting with any tool you’re interested in. And then, add more ways of connecting with your child one by one, in order to avoid being overwhelmed with a flood of love 🙂