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You share your values, insights and experiences in the form of stories: either by writing them on your own, or by answering simple questions.

Thanks to our reminders and hints, you’ll always have ideas about what to write.

KiteStories helps you write a gripping story, even if the last time you did it was in school.

On top of it, we’ll help you create a design for your story, step by step, that will get your child hooked. Your child will get awesomely designed reading material.

Your child reads your story, which will be full of honest impressions and values.

Special features will help you see how your child reads, and what exactly touches your kid the most.

Your bond gets stronger with every story.

Stories strengthen your bond with your child,
as they enable both of you to share the same knowledge,
emotions and values.

KiteStories helps you stay in your child’s life.

Our goal was to create an app; a parent helper and assistant, that would:

guarantee safety and privacy – no publicity involved, no ads, no pop-ups

offer face-to-face communication with no social networks in between

suggest different interfaces for parents and children guarantee personal approach for every parent-child pair

provide motivation according to a personal plan
store information for centuries to come